Spring is here: Let's get started!

No matter how different we all are from one another, we probably have one very major thing in common: this time of year, we feel good. 

The snow is all melted and it’s highly unlikely we’ll get any more (but never say never). The early crocuses are making way now for tulips and daffodils and the trees are starting to bud. Those of us who like gardening or working in the yard are starting to price seeds, plants or garden accessories. And every day when the sun stays up a little longer than yesterday, we smile. 

This is also the time of year when we are reminded to take better care of the Earth, thanks to the founding of Earth Day (more on that in a couple of weeks). We’re also seeing the real estate industry start continue to boom, as well  - it’s as if the whole world is starting to burst with new energy. 

Whatever it is you’ve been putting off during the long, cold winter - or longer, thanks to pandemic lockdown through most of 2020 - when could there be a better time to get it started than now? 

Paint that room, or clear out that closet. Dig out your old piano music or workout tapes. Get reacquainted with your work bench or your wok and create something that makes you happy. 

That’s what spring is really all about - rebirth, renewal and, well, getting happy after winter. Let’s get started! 


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