Embrace fall!

It's time to welcome the dramatic change from summer to fall

Are you ready? It’s time to talk about the end of our beloved summer and prepare ourselves for fall and back to school. How do we feel about this, friends? 

Back to school season means different things to different people. For parents, it means the inevitable back-to-school shopping: notebooks, pens, new shoes, outfits to replace the stuff the kids outgrew from last year. It’s an expensive season! 

This year, there’s the added stress brought on by the pandemic. Many schools are still deciding how they’re going to handle ongoing spikes in infection; for instance, how to handle mask-wearing and social distancing. No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, it’s a concern. 

Back-to-school season for people with no kids or grown kids means something a little different: empty sidewalks and parks during the week and supporting our neighborhood schools’ events and sports teams. 

Before long we’ll be packing away our shorts and bathing suits and pulling out the wool sweaters and warm coats. 

This is a season of transition. All seasons are, really, but autumn’s declaration of the passage of time is usually so sudden and attention-getting. The chill in the air, the beautiful fall colors, the re-emergence of a more structured schedule, the fuller days - these are the signs of fall. 

Even if you’re mourning the passage of summer, embrace fall this year! Take advantage of all the ways to enjoy this brief and beautiful season. 

And to kids starting back to school right now - have a great year, take care of yourselves and your friends, and remember how proud your community is of you! 


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