7 tips to improve your well-being this spring

This is the time of year when everything seems possible. Longer days, warmer weather, and this year, the prospect that soon we can resume what we fondly remember as “normal life.” 

There are some ways to make sure, though. Here is a list of seven ways to improve your personal well-being this spring:

1. Unplug from technology

Managing emails and messages can feel like a full-time job, but you’ll be able to manage them better if you take time to unplug. Research suggests constant connectivity hinders productivity and reduces our capacity to manage stress. Like a muscle, the brain needs recovery time to develop and grow.

2. Take a deep breath

Deep and thoughtful breathing has been scientifically proven to affect the heart, the brain, digestion, and the immune system. Breathing exercises can also be used as a strategy to cope with sudden stress. Click here for ideas on deep breathing exercises. 

3. Seek out green space

Studies show that people thrive when they are exposed to nature. One study found people who walked near green, natural areas showed improved mood, and they were less likely to dwell on the negative aspects of their lives. Here are some ideas on ways to incorporate the great outdoors into your day. 

4. Volunteer your time

It’s common knowledge that doing for others makes us feel good too. Volunteering has a range of benefits - from social to physical. Here are six health benefits of volunteering compiled by the Mayo Clinic.

5. Try the 5-3-1 practice

The 5-3-1 Practice from the Center for Healthy Minds is a set of informal tips aimed at cultivating well-being. The system suggests you meditate for five minutes, write down three good things that happened, and complete one act of kindness.

6. Declutter your home

“Kondo-ing” your home is used as a punchline now, but there is legit science behind the idea that decluttering and simplifying is good for our health. (In case you’re not familiar, here is a story about the Marie Kondo method.) Clearing up our space is good for our mental well being and here are six ways that happens. 

7. Get moving

The effects of exercise on physical and mental health are well-documented. Exercise boosts mood and eases depression symptoms, not to mention burning calories and building stamina. There are as many hints about how to stay active and as there are stars in the sky. For some basics, let’s go to the experts. For advanced ideas, click to learn about walking meetings or ways to build physical activity into your sedentary workday. 


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